Come reach your highest potential.



Come reach your highest potential.

A Destination


Here at Endless Heights we believe there is a perfect piece for you. Browse through our wide selection of papers, pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, grinders, bowls, cleaners and much much more. We also have some budtastic shirts and feature various works by local artists. Come explore, and let us help you reach you highest potential!
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420 SALE Friday April 20th- Sunday April 22nd.

Everything in store up to 50% off!

Windsor's biggest 420 Party at Higher Limits!


The World's Best Vapes

The latest and great cannabis electronics. Vapes, Pens, E- Nails and more.

Lovingly crafted art

We carry many different types of pipes, bongs, and glass pieces that are made with care.

Wide Variety

At Endless Heights we have a wide variety of rolling papers, water pipes, vaporizers, oil rigs,  grinders and more!